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Cyber Monday 2021

Thank you for all the questions coming in guys! But sorry, we ain't doing any sale for the upcoming Cyber Monday, Black Friday, nor Boxing Day. Bu...
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What Do PXG’s Club Numbers Mean?

Have you even wonder how the PXG Clubs are numbered? PXG’s product naming convention is a nod to his military roots and a tribute to the men and women who serve United States of America.
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Go Green Save Earth

As 2021 Christmas shopping season is now in full swing, we think it is important to do our bites to save our the Earth. Every business would LOVE ...
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Hey ladies and gentlemen, a reminder that NO CODE is needed for our latest promotion, celebrating the opening of our Etsy Shop. Simply add the hea...
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Our Etsy shop is opened

  We are always passionate about custom making things. And lucky enough, with all your supports and loves, we can turn a hobby, into a real busin...
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Fireworks, DJs on the tee: is this the future of golf?

An interesting article by The Telegraph, London. Some points that it suggested are aligned with what we have predicted the sport will be in the nea...
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Last minute Christmas shopping

Hello guys! Just a friendly notice that if anyone need to have the head cover for Christmas, there is still chance. You may opt for the DHL/FedEx s...
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How Did We Make The Head Cover?

Making one of our head covers is not rocket science. It does not involve using super high tech Tesla factory grade machine, nor NASA super computer...
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New venture with DUCH Group

We are really excited for partnering up with DUCH Group, which helps us to produce some State-of-the-art 3D models. So we can design and develop be...
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Best Price Guaranteed

Hi guys! As the busy shopping season is going to start, we do receive some emails about getting a lower rate from somewhere else. But I can assure ...
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