What Do PXG’s Club Numbers Mean?

Have you even wonder how the PXG Clubs are numbered?

What Do PXG’s Club Numbers Mean?

PXG are surely one of our favourite clubs. While the team at JEGolf just amateur golfers, yet to have the greater length of Great Wall of China to find the limits of the clubs’ performances. We simply LOVE their SMOKIN’ HOT appearances of those PXG golf clubs and apparels. We found that our carbon fibre series golf headcovers go rather well with their products, such as the golf bags, golf clubs, and golf apparels. 

Our very proud New Zealand Golfers, Lydia Ko and Danny Lee, whom are LPGA and PGA Tour Pros respectively, are both using PXG clubs. If you’re interested to know what’s in their bag, here is a link for you.

Anyway, back to the topic, Founder and CEO Bob Parsons served as a combat rifleman (0311) with the United States Marine Corps during the Vietnam War. A purple heart recipient, Parsons attributes his success in life and business to his time in the Corps. PXG’s product naming convention is a nod to his military roots and a tribute to the men and women who serve United States of America. Respect! And here is a link to the video that Parsons explains the numbering systems himself. 


 PXG 0811 Driver = Artillery

PXG 0341 Fairway Woods = Mortarman

PXG 0317 Hybrid = Scout Sniper

PXG 0311 Irons = Rifleman


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