Custom Golf Head Covers

You must be wondering how the idea of a golf club in a suit just conveniently appeared? Well, let me tell you a little backstory of how we came about producing golf covers. 

In the spring of 2012, a rather average golfer, named Jack (owner and designer at JEGolf), went shopping and tried to look for some fascinating headcovers to add to his bag (but really the main reason was to draw people's attention away from his rocket-high handicap!)

He was left disappointed. He couldn’t find anything that was even close to what he was looking for. From here, he started designing the headcovers! All of a sudden, his own custom made headcovers became the talk at the golf course. Other golfers were very keen to get one for themselves. Jack decided he wanted to help his friends out and that  it would be a great idea to form a workshop and start making cool and fun headcovers. And that’s how JE Golf was born. 

Jack and the rest of our team are using their creativity and handcraft skills to deliver products that help golf players wanting that extra inch of uniqueness. JE Golf is always looking forward to new innovations, in order for its customers to achieve the best looking golf products on the course possible to stand out.

Since day one, our mission has remained the same: create the best fun golf products in the world. We’re big believers in self-expression, so we wanted to embody just that for the dreamers and playmakers who settle for nothing less than the best for their golf game!

Meet Jack - Chief Product Designer and Co-Founder

Jack is the Chief Product Designer and Co-Founder of JE Golf. Everyday Jack turns up to work like he just had the greatest game of his life on the golf course! When Jack isn't at work, you can find him playing golf (duh!). 
Jack is always happy to help our customers so if you have any technical questions, feedback or suggestions about our products, don't hesitate to contact him!

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