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GoGreen Shopping 2021

As 2021 Christmas shopping season is now in full swing, we think it is important to do our bites to save our the Earth. Every business would LOVE you to “Shop till you drop”, but before you hit the Check out button, just pause a moment and think, can I go a little bit “greener” this year?

First we think gift wrapping can be seriously be reduced.Despite the “paper” in its name, much of that festive wrap does more harm than good when you throw it in the recycling bin. Paper with coatings, glitter, foil, bows, etc. is generally not recyclable. 

So we do apologise folks, we DO NOT offer any form of gift wrapping. But we are more than happy to add a little custom made and hand written gift card, neatly tuck-in to the golf headcover upon your request.

And for the transportation, our logistic partner DHL offers an option of Go Green. 

GOGREEN is a carbon-neutral shipping option for customers of DHL and Deutsche Post, now available for DHL Express customers in more than 40 countries. With the GOGREEN optional service, all transport-related emissions of carbon dioxide are first calculated and then offset through external climate protection projects.

So from 1st November, all of our orders shipped via DHL will be opted-in for the Go Green option. We hope this can offset and reduce any unnecessary carbon footprint, and plastic materials.

Hope you will be taking a more sustainable approach when you do your Christmas shopping this year too! And be even better if it transformed into a habit! 


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